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Legal and Tax Assistance Studio in Syracuse

The competence of the members of the Studio De Benedictis Associati, and the experience they have gained in the pursuit of their profession as attorneys and accountants, allows the company to meet the needs of clients belonging to different categories. The accounting and administrative offices provide legal assistance to individuals engaged in bureaucratic practices and to companies for expertise, reviews and budgets.

Tax and accounting scope

The benefits for accounting and tax services provided by Studio De Benedictis Associati can be grouped in different ways. We offer advice and full assistance for direct and indirect taxation, on behalf of clients, and consider tax obligations provided for in the applicable national legislation (tax returns for individuals, corporations and companies, inheritance declarations etc.). 

For the accounting framework, the firm carries out consultancy and assistance in the formulation of the company's financial statements, while complying with the relevant requirements of the Civil Code. It also carries out the accounting and related activities as well as auditing activities both within the scope of the tasks attributed to the members of the board of statutory auditors and to that of independent auditing activities in specific assignments for budget analysis, management control.

As regards taxation, the studio assists customers in dealing with public administrations (Tax Agencies, Local Tax Offices, Guardia di Finanza), tax audits and all subsequent phases. This is done by completing the activities for the prevention of litigation (self protection, mediation, adherence) and litigation through the provision of appeals, memos, suspension of sums of collection, assistance with tax commissions.

Legal and Administrative Scope

The law firm of the studio De Benedictis Associati deals with counselling and legal assistance in civil matters in court (representation and defence in civil cases and arbitration) and in the out-of-court (national and international contract, drafting opinions, statutes, negotiations and compositions of disputes) and in the taxation of criminal matters. In particular, legal assistance in civil matters extends to the following areas: corporate law, company law, bankruptcy law, commercial law, banking law, civil law.

The studio provides specialised advice on corporate law with particular reference to the establishment, modification and dissolution of companies and individual partnerships, the definition of relations between members, between them and a company, between companies and social organisations, drafting and evaluation of shareholders' agreements and agreements between members.

The firm provides advice in situations of corporate crises and bankruptcy procedures, even in companies that are in a state of insolvency, through the management of financial and capital crises with out-of-court settlements or liquidations, including negotiation between the parties involved (credit bureaux, suppliers and customers). The studio accompanies the entrepreneur throughout the mediation by providing advice and assistance in choosing the most appropriate path for the company's crisis.
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