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Corporate, fiscal and tax consultancy studio 

The studio of De Benedictis Associati offers administrative, economic, legal and commercial assistance from its head office in Via Eumelo 32, Syracuse. The corporate body is made up of professionals who are experts in different sectors interwoven with each other, specializing in one or more branches within the consulting business and private sector.

The studio is named after Dr. Antonio De Benedictis, who established the business consultancy in Syracuse in the 1980’s, and would see two family generations succeed him. To date, Studio De Benedictis Associati offers its specialized consulting services especially to corporate and bankruptcy clients.

History of the commercial studio

The activity of the studio continues and begins to become known in the province of Syracuse for Dr. De Benedictis’ professionalism and the quality of the services it offers to its first clients, who today remain clients of the studio. In the 1980’s, Dr. De Benedictis’ children became qualified, and began practicing and begin the generational transition that led the studio to broaden its interest beyond its original activities and to specialize in legal advice with particular reference to contractual, corporate and bankruptcy.

Amongst all the skills of the studio, the one most appreciated by our clients is the synergy of the whole team, a key element in ensuring competent assistance and resolution.

Tax and legal assistance

The services of the studio De Benedictis Associati are geared around tax, accounting and legal-administrative sectors. The activities carried out are numerous and some aspects overlap into two or more areas. Tax and accounting assistance includes corporate advice, taxation, budgeting, accounting, auditing and tax audits. 

In the legal and administrative area we assist in civil matters both in court and out-of-court matters, corporate law, corporate crisis situations and bankruptcy proceedings.
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